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What is it?

The befriend body Collective is a private coaching-membership for women. The Collective focuses on creating long-lasting habits and reshaping your relationship to health.

Through support, accountability, and structure, you'll learn how to enjoy the process of creating healthy habits - because the process is the focus, and the results are a bonus!

How does it work?

Enroll opens every quarter, welcoming 10-20 new women to the community.

Each month, we focus on a different health habit! With weekly guest experts, check-ins, workouts, and ways of tracking (see breakdown below), Sherry guides you through the mindset and inner work necessary to show up for yourself with consistency and empowerment!

Who is it for?

The BBC is for the everyday, busy woman who can't seem to stay on track, stay motivated, or reach her goals. For the woman who is sick of re-starting the diet, feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, and constantly feels like giving up.

So what does she do? She redesigns her approach, lets fitness and health become a part of who she is, and (finally) befriends her body.

The Breakdown

Every 3 months,

A select number of women are welcomed into the community to dive into that month's focus topic! Every quarter kicks off with the topic of Mindset (because we always need to revisit and feed the mind)!

Month #1) Mindset: Motivation and Goals

Month #2) A Different Health Habit Focus

Month #3) A Different Health Habit Focus

At the end of every 3 months, a new group of women join the community and the above structure continues. This allows a reset every quarter to assess wins and obstacles while working on (and revisiting) a wide variety of healthy habits!

Monthly Focus Topics Examples:

Morning Routines / Resetting Your Inner Dialogue / Staying Consistent + Motivated / Learning Discipline / Cravings + Temptations / How to Meal Prep / Well-Balanced Meals / Better Sleep / Drinking More Water / Increasing Protein / Inner Healing / Stress Management / Macronutrients / Rest + Recovery / Mobility + Pain Management / Meditation + Mindfulness / Creating Healthy Environments / Gaining Muscle / Workouts ... and many more!

THE COST: $49.99/month

THE RECOMMENDATION: True change takes time. Therefore, we recommend a minimum of 3 months (1 full round) to experience 3 different monthly topics. The membership is designed to review certain focuses that may need more attention, while throwing in new ones throughout the year.

What else is included?

Full access to an online portal which includes:

- E-Books (Recipes, Month's Topic, Workbooks, Trackers, etc).

- A Weekly + Monthly Checklist for Structure

- Calendar to the Month's Lives (Guest Experts, Workshops, Mindset Chats, Webinars, Workouts, Cooking Demos, Q+As, and more)

- Weekly Check-In Emails + Group Live-Calls

- Audio Recordings (Guided Meditations, Situation-Specific Mindset Chats, Cardio Talks)

- Convenient Home-Workout Videos (For All Levels)

- Challenges + Prizes

Plus ... a Private Facebook Group for a powerful community to share wins, get support, questions answered, accountability, and connection!

What Others Are Saying ...


Sherry has made it so easy for me to make better choices with my food and drinks. I don’t feel restricted  (I’m still eating pasta!) but I’m losing weight and gaining confidence by choosing the right meals and understanding the root of my issues with food. She helps you take care of your body as a whole and really love the skin you’re in. (Margot O., California)

Can't sing Sherry's praises enough. She tailors my workout to suit our fitness levels and goals and she kicks our butts just the right amount! Sherry transforms the way I view working out and is honestly the best trainer I've ever worked with.

@Sarahmaesnyd (Sarah S., California)

Sherry helped me find the balance to feel like myself again. After working with Sherry, I have developed nutrition and fitness habits that help me maintain the balance that works for me. I highly recommend Sherry and befriend body — she truly cares about her clients and their needs. 

@mshanny88 (Alaska) Virtual Client

Sherry transformed my at-home workout experience, and she always ensures I'm pushing myself.

@nedahaj (Neda H., California)

She made me a personalized workout plan and is so motivating! I feel amazing about my confidence and my body. She helped me learn to stick to a routine.

@micho87 (Michelle A., California)

It starts with a decision.

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