The befriend body Collective is COMING SOON!

befriend body.

Welcome to befriend body.

I'm Sherry Advani, an attorney-turned-fitness-trainer (certified by the National Academy for Sports and Medicine) and body mindset coach. I created befriend body around what I believe are the three core principles of health: mindset, fitness, and nutrition.

Gone are the days of the fad diets, the endless cardio, and the mental exhaustion and stress behind "good foods" and "bad foods." (And believe me, I remember those days). 

After falling in love with working out and healthy eating during a difficult period in my life, I made the decision to transition my career from law into the fitness and wellness space -- and I never looked back.

What do I do now? I help busy professionals reach fitness and health goals by reshaping and redefining the conversation between themselves and their bodies. 

With a true understanding of the demands that work and life can place on us, I've helped lawyers, doctors, busy moms, business owners and many others create healthy habits tailored to their specific goals and lifestyles. I've done the work to create a mindset around health that is both empowering and effective, and now I show others how to do the same! 

My motto when it comes to my training, programs, and approach to wellness is to "genuinely be on the same team as your body." I put the empowerment back into your health journey, and help you leave the guilt, shame, and punishment behind. Through habit-assessments and building your physical and mental strength, I help you befriend your body - once and for all.

In my spare time, you can find me out enjoying a hike with my hubby, trying out new recipes, walking our sweet German Shepherd, trying out new local restaurants, or finding ways to continue to impact people! I currently train and reside in sunny Corona, California.