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Fitness and Personal Training


Are you lacking motivation to work out? Do you find yourself "falling off" your routine? Do you not know which workouts to do to get results? Let's train and approach fitness with empowerment!

How do we do that? The truth is, "fitness" does not mean the same thing to everyone, nor does it need to. Fitness is about moving your body and finding a sustainable routine that you enjoy!

When we start training, I'll meet you exactly where you are and as you are. All sessions are customized to meet your individual needs and fitness levels, and we'll focus on maximizing results, minimizing time, and reshaping your fitness mindset.


Virtual or In-Person Training

  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): A full bodyweight to light equipment workout that focuses on maximizing both your results and your time.

  • Strength Training: Weights and other resistance equipment are used to tone up while burning fat, resulting in lean muscles and some added strength and power!

  • A combination of HIIT and Strength Training: An effective workout that gets your heart rate up and pushes through your mental barriers.

  • Stretching, Flexibility, and Mobility: A slower workout that focuses on warm up / cool down stretches, and foundational movements to ensure proper recovery and safety during workouts.

* Ask about couples or group training!

    Fitness is not about perfection -- it's about progress.

    To find out more information about personal training, email or click here to book an assessment call!