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Do you ever wonder what you "should" be eating? Or how much? Do you often "fall off your diet" or avoid diets entirely because "eating healthy is boring"? Or because you don't want to give up pasta or cheesecake forever? (Don't worry, I can't either)!

We've all had these thoughts. So what does it take to get real, true lasting results that you can see and feel? 

At befriend body, our approach to fitness comes from a place of empowerment, nourishment, and enjoyment. We don't do "diets" here -- rather, we focus on real food that is sustainable as a lifestyle

When we make a choice to fuel our bodies with clean, whole foods that offer proper nutrients, we experience an increase in energy levels, mental clarity, quality of sleep, less bloating and heaviness, and we get to watch our bodies transform -- inside and out.

All nutritional guidance and plans offered at befriend body are designed to get you results while filling your body with real, delicious food. We start by taking a look at the foods you are already eating, assessing some of your eating habits and patterns, and finally by implementing a few healthy swaps to build on. 


  • 2-Month Habit-Nutrition Coaching: Let's change your relationship with food. Gain the skills and tools to reach your goals. We'll dive in on an assessment of your current health habits (specifically, we'll look at: food intake, water intake, sleep quality and quantity, stress releases, and physical activity), as well as customized nutrition guidance that is specific to your lifestyle and priorities. We'll build your health mindset. You'll learn how food affects YOUR body, what portion sizes look like, how to measure foods, and we'll reshape the conversations around your body all while getting closer to smashing your goals! 

Here's what you get -- one-on-one accountability, constant support, weekly progress check-ins, customized nutrition guidance, education on ways to powerfully fuel your body, recipes and ideas, and an opportunity to redefine your relationship with food forever!

Get the guidance you want and need -- because you deserve to be on the same team as your body.

You ready? To see if the 2-Month Habit-Nutrition Coaching is right for you, email at to book an assessment call or click here.